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Bag-in-Box for Liquid Food

A More Sustainable, Cost-Effective and Efficient Packaging Solution

Rapak’s flexible Bag-in-Box packaging systems offer superior protection while preserving the quality, freshness, and flavor of your liquid food. Bag-in-Box is widely used in retail and food service channels as well as in new product development and inter-company transit.

Common Liquid Foods packed in Bag-in-Box include:

Advantages of Bag-in-Box for liquid food compared to conventional rigid containers:

  • Longer product shelf life after opening with ultra-hygienic solutions available
  • Highly efficient storage and transportation (foldable and stackable packaging)
  • Reduction in fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions due to light weight
  • User-friendly single-handed dispensing or pouring
  • UV-light protection and oxidation protection ensuring flavor integrity and product quality
  • Less product waste

For packaging in large quantities, Rapak offers Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) bags or liners that provide a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to bulky drums or rigid containers.

To meet the diverse needs of the liquid food market Rapak also offers high-speed Bag-in-Box filling equipment, including aseptic, hot fill and standard filling options.