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Improved Universal Screw-on Bag-in-Box Connecting System for Edible Oil and Oil-based Products

Rapak’s NSF approved REOS line side connector is a universal screw-on connecting system used for Bag-in-Box edible oil.  The REOS connects the edible oil Bag-in-Box to commercial dispensing machines so oil can be introduced into dispensing systems in a clean, efficient, and sanitary way. The REOS connector is ideal for commercial dispensing systems requiring constant evacuation, such as commercial popcorn makers in movie theaters or other entertainment venues.

REOS Edible Oil Connector Features & Benefits:

  • NSF approved
  • Patented and industry proven Bag-in-Box connector system
  • Designed with special food safe components to withstand cooking oil and oil-based ingredients
  • Easy to use and screw-on
  • Excellent thread engagement
  • Can be easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Compatible with both Rapak’s PCSS fitment and Liqui-Box’s Encore fitment