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Hygienic, user-friendly and more sustainable packaging solution for Retail, Foodservice and Industrial use

Why is Bag-in-Box for juice a better option?

Compared to PET and beverage cartons:

Product preservation
Airtight bag ensures:

  • Extended product shelf life after first opening
  • Reduced risk of contamination

Storage & Logistics

  • 80% less space when empty (foldable)
  • 45% less space when full (stackable)
  • 20% energy savings during transport due to the light weight material


  • Hygienic filling, transfer and dispensing
  • User-friendly pouring straight from the fridge
  • No weightlifting to pour


  • 60% lower carbon footprint
  • 5X less waste
  • 100% recyclable box


  • Very low investment cost
  • Total Cost of Ownership savings

Bags and Films for Juice

Rapak offers a wide range of film options including METPET, EVOH with PE and additive-free PE in 3-1400L (1G- 370G) sizes with custom sizing available. All our products are EU and FDA approved for direct food contact and free from phthalates, heavy metals and Bisphenol A.

Our newly released monolayer Nylon EVOH Laminate bag is an ultra-clean and safe solution specially formulated for hot fill juice.

Our EvacuStrip™ bag offering is another great solution for pulpy juice and highly viscous liquids. The bag incorporates a dip strip evacuation device allowing for convenient dispensing and an evacuation performance in excess of 99.6% at any Bag-in-Box orientation.

Fitments, Dispensers and Connectors for Juice

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Filling Machines and Systems for Juice 

Rapak offers high-speed, accurate Bag-in-Box filling equipment options to meet the diverse needs of the liquid packaging markets. Our high speed semi-automatic and fully automated filling machines are made from stainless steel and engineering plastics. They have been designed to European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards, and they comply with EU Health and Safety work acts (e.g. noise level under 80 decibels).

Autokap™ Bag-in-Box Filling Systems for Fresh & Stable Liquids

The Autokap™ Bag-in-Box filling systems is a cost-effective and user friendly packaging alternative for liquids. We offer Autokap Bag-in-Box filling machines with semi-automatic or fully-automated single or multi-heads.

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Bag-in-Box Aseptic Transfer Technology

Our aseptic Bag-in-Box filling equipment system, based on double membrane technology, guarantees the aseptic transfer of aseptic product into aseptic bags.

Sterikap™ Filling Systems for Extended Shelf Life

The Sterikap filler is a high-speed, single head, web fed, bag filler designed to fill irradiated bags under clean conditions. The filler has an enclosed fill chamber that can be cleaned in place (CIP), steam sterilized in place (SIP) and maintained during filling operation.

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Bag-in-Box, a more sustainable packaging option

Bag-in-Box is a more sustainable alternative to other forms of packaging, enabling carbon reductions, cost savings and efficiencies in our customers’ supply chains. Bag-in-Box has excellent environmental credentials as it is easier to transfer, store and dispose of in regular waste collections.

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Bag-in-Box increases product shelf life

Rapak bag’s specialized film properties offer longer shelf-life to opened products than traditional containers.

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